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What are Cookies?

When one thinks of a cookie, the sweet aroma of fresh chocolate chip cookies banking in the oven comes to mind. Cookies, in reference to computers, are small data files that are cached on your browser by a website. The website uses cookies to maintain the security of your session and provide analytics to better serve relevant content. Furthermore, cookies support essential features that make websites work properly.

Third-party VS First-party Cookies?

There are two classes of cookies First-party and Third-party cookies. A First-party cookies is a cookie that is cached on your browser by the website that is being currently viewed. A Third-party cookie is a cookie that is cached on your browser by a website that is affiliated to the website you are currently on. Third-party cookies are present on pages most commonly when there are ads being served.

Different Types of Cookies Used by EFT Corporation?

EFT Corporation uses three kinds of cookies on its website, customer portal, and web apps.

  • Essential Cookies - Cookies required to make a website function properly for its users.
  • Security Cookies - Cookies used to maintain the security of a website session.
  • Analytics Cookies - Cookies use to aid EFT Corporation's marketing team.

Can You Control the Cookies?

Yes. You can delete all preexisting cookies already placed on your computer or mobile phone and choose to allow only specific cookie types or opt out of cookies all together. Keep in mind, opting out of cookies all together can compromise the functionality of a website and is not recommended. The EFT Corporation Customer Portal (The Vault) requires the use of cookies for access. See the links below for access to the cookie management pages for the most popular web browsers.

Future Updates to The Cookie Policy

EFT Corporation maintains the right to make updates, as needed, to the cookie policy.