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The First in America!!

More than 40 years ago, EFT Corporation processed the first EVER electronic funds transfer ACH/EFT donation for a non-profit organization in the United States! Since 1979, EFT has specialized in automated banking systems and electronic payment solutions for non-profit organizations, churches, and businesses. It is our unparalleled commitment to customer service, and understanding our client's needs that has enabled us, for over three decades, to create innovative and secure electronic processing solutions for organizations and companies-large and small. Our e.transfer® secure money processing solutions stand out because of our focus on customer service, technology and risk management -that makes EFT the best company you could choose for improving cash flow and streamlining operations in your organization. We have long been recognized as a pioneer and leader in the financial technology services industry, and have demonstrated for over 40 years our unwavering commitment to security and confidentiality.

Who We Are

EFT is a "Visionary Financial Institution" - a 40 year old company that is dedicated to serving the electronic financial service needs of our clients, providing a "One Stop Shop" for all your electronic money processing needs. We were the first to process an electronic funds transfer donation for a non-profit organization in the United States back in 1979. In 2006, we were recognized by the AFP (American Fundraising Professionals) at their national conference with an award for "25 Years of Excellence" as a Founding AFP Member. In between, we have served the EFT needs of thousands of organizations and companies, large and small. Our Founder, Will Sawyer, continues to serve as our Chairman - and our Management Team is comprised of MBA's and engineers with a breadth of experience in the Electronic Financial Services Industry. We have served on the Board of Directors for large non-profit organizations and understand the challenges Board Members, CEO's, Executive Directors, IT Officers, Marketing & Development Officers, and Fund Raising Professionals face in today's challenging economy. In addition, we have experience with some of the fastest growing companies and organizations in the country - some of which electronically process millions of transactions annually representing hundreds of millions of dollars.

What We Do

We offer you a "One Stop Shop" money processing solution, providing many convenient electronic donation and payment solutions that you can use today, or incorporate into your money processing systems in the future as well, including; electronic funds transfer (ACH / EFT), credit card processing, debit card processing, website payment solutions, swipe terminal, virtual terminal and email marketing services. We deliver world-class service through knowledgeable and experienced professionals, innovative solutions, and unsurpassed attention to client needs. We operate this company with a commitment to rigorous ethical standards, and with a firm commitment to confidentiality.

Our Reputation

EFT Corporation is one of the early innovators in the financial technology services industry. Our experience and success over the past 40 years is largely attributed to our pioneering efforts in ACH recurring payment processing and our reputation as a trusted provider of affordable, effective, and efficient electronic payment services. Clients of EFT appreciate our world-class customer service as well as the depth of experience, knowledge, and warm friendly nature of our client services and marketing professionals. You are, after all, our "reason for being" and the core of our business. Your Success is Our Success!

Benefits of Partnering with EFT Corporation

We truly believe in building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship that allows you to take full advantage of our experience and knowledge in the financial technology services industry. We desire to partner with your organization to become "experts on YOUR side" to give you an advantage from having to figure out all the issues related to electronic money processing on your own.

  • Save valuable time
  • Improve consistency in cash flow
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of money processing operations
  • Better serve your existing contributors, customers or clients
  • Provide new innovative methods to attract new and recurring revenue streams
  • Create an "electronic processing infrastructure" that facilitates future growth and development
  • Gain support from consultants and experts in automated electronic banking systems for 30+ years

Client Testimonials


"EFT Corp has enabled us to take donations electronically for years. It's so easy, there's no maintenance, and it is seamless with our direct mail programs. The donors love this option. We couldn't do what we do without EFT."


"EFT is our preferred way of collecting fees. It's really easy and our Account Representative has been great to work with. I get an immediate response when I have questions and I think the company is top-notch."


"We checked out several other corporations, some huge ones that offered lower rates (at least at first look). We crunched the numbers all kinds of ways on the fees. In the end we felt like the whole package offered by EFT was great, plus they understand the nonprofit/church scene, etc. Their service has been great--very prompt."